Why hire AffordaPro Restoration if Your home or business has been damaged by black mold in Columbus, Ohio?


AffordaPro Restoration Company based in Dublin, Ohio, provides the most effective black mold removal services to help get rid of it and ensure that its customers’ home or business is not infected. The company has been in business for over 15 years, and it has vast experience when it comes to mold removal. Its services are available to both commercial and residential properties. They are customer-oriented and provide the best services at affordable prices.

The company provides fast, effective, and safe black mold removal services. The staff is equipped with all necessary knowledge to assess the property in order to determine whether it has been contaminated by black mold or not. After they confirm that there are indeed dangerous spores present on the property, they start removing them. The firm uses the latest techniques and equipment to get rid of it without causing any damage.

AffordaPro Restoration uses encapsulation methods when removing black mold so there won’t be future contamination by this hazardous substance again. The company follows the following mold removal process:

a) Containment of the affected area
The first thing AffordaPro Restoration does is to make sure that the mold spores are contained. The contaminated area will be sealed off and not accessible for any other people until AffordaPro Restoration has completed its work.

b) Deodorization
If the mold spores have started to spread throughout the property, in addition to black mold removal, AffordaPro Restoration will also use an anti-odor treatment. After the area is dry and treated with special agents against fungi, it will be completely clean of any foul smell there might have been before starting the process.

c) Cleaning and Sanitation of the area
After all mold spores are contained, and the entire property is deodorized, AffordaPro Restoration will start removing any dirt or debris that has been contaminated by black mold. They use special antiseptic agents to ensure that there won’t be any future contamination from this hazardous substance again. After they have finished with cleaning and sanitizing the area, they will continue with black mold removal.

d) Removal of all contaminated materials
After completing all previous steps, AffordaPro Restoration will remove any wall or surface that has been irreparably damaged by the mold. This is necessary in order to ensure everyone’s safety and avoid future contamination from this hazardous substance again.

e) Restoration of the area
After removing all walls or surfaces that have been affected, AffordaPro Restoration will restore everything back to its initial state. They use special drying agents for clients’ homes or businesses not to suffer any future damage from black mold, which can infest it again if not obliterated. Additionally, they also do black mold removal in the attic, basement, and any other area of its clients’ home or business where this hazardous substance might have spread throughout.

AffordaPro Restoration also offers free inspections to their clients to check whether there has been a possible contamination by black mold on their property. They will inspect every corner of it with special ultraviolet devices which detect black mold, even in the smallest parts. This way, one won’t have to worry about any possible future infestation from this dangerous substance.